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Listening Links

Find the best website to practice reading according to your level and interests.


Dictation exercises for English learners - Try 200 short dictations and check immediately.


Lyrics training - Really fun! Try to catch the words as singers sing.


ELT Podcast - Basic Conversations for EFL and ESL.


ELT Podcast - Intermediate conversations.


Podcasts in English - For second language learners.


ello - Listening for second language learners.


Randall's listening lab - Lots of audio at different levels.


ESL listening - Lots of links.


VOA English - Lots of science topics spoken slowly, with transcripts.


Listen while reading - Lots of links.


Voice thread - Pictures with audio.


School radio - Audio resources for primary school, by BBC English.


5 minute English - Lots of short listening lessons to choose from.


Lyrics Training - Download the app to learn English through song lyrics.


Phrase Mix - You can try this site for free. Good listening practice. But only one lesson is free.

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