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Readings in English

Very Easy Links

Easy Reading - Short, very easy stories, with audio.


Bee Oasis - Read very short, easy stories, with audio.

Stories and Other Readings

Japanese stories - Many stories you know--in English!

Gateway to the Classics - Recommended are Helen Keller (The Story of My Life), Charles Dickens (A Christmas Carol), Rudyard Kipling (The Jungle Book), and Mark Twain (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer). There are 383 other authors as well!

5 minute English - Lots of readings with short lessons.

100 Short Stories - Intermediate level stories.

English Central Library - Rate the story after reading it. Many stories to choose from.

365 Essays - Written for English language learners--with audio.

Nature Links

Animals - Read about types of animals (mammal, reptile, etc.) with links.

Weird animal stories - Strange stories about animals.

American Folklore - Myths, legends, stories, tales, ghost stories, etc.


Jakarta Tales - These short stories are from the Jakata tradition of India. Lots of stories to choose from!

Native American Legends - Read fascinating stories and creation myths.

Current Events


Breaking News English - Current events in understandable English, with lessons! - Read articles with quick translations available for any difficult words.


Voice of America - Informative articles at various levels.


News in Levels -


Simple Wikipedia -

Thematic Links

Peace - One page reading about peace.

Children's rights - Another one page nonfiction reading.


Refugees in Japan - Click "stories of refugees in Japan" to open the window.


Hiroshima - About the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, by Suzuko Numata.

Read essays - "The essays are meant to be examples of what an IELTS candidate could write in just 40 minutes."

Windows to the Universe - Earth readings on these science pages.

KidZone geography - This site is for native speaker kids so it's a little difficult.

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